Campaigns Designs

Campaigns designs, packing, monitoring and delivery

We work and walk with you to design effective campaign strategies that put you at the top of the pack. Whether you are campaigning for your Union President, Religious Presidency, Corporate Executive Chair, Local Council, the President or CEO of an organization, House of Parliament or the President or Prime Minister of your country, Pinel works with you all the way to ensure that you achieve your ambition. We assist you achieve your ambition by:

  1. Designing and implementing a focused election campaign strategy that speaks to all target groups.
  2. Arrange relevant exposure events including TV interviews, talk shows, special guests at community, political and professional events, conferences and seminars,
  • Rigorously analysis
  • Stakeholder perceptions; and day-to-day operations of the election process; design and implement winning strategies.
  • Undertake audience segmentation for appropriate penetration strategies.
  • Prepare you for all public appearances and presentations.
  • Ensure that the right messages get to the right audience at all times.
  • Develop and monitor a campaign Dash Board that enables the observance and monitoring the entire campaign process.
  • Generate and analyse data that captures and communicates the desired information at all times throughout the campaign process.
  • Design and implement fund raising activities to support your campaign.
  • Manage and execute complex multi-channel campaigns.
  • Use campaign management and deployment toolsets in batch, optimize real-time environments.

Pinel takes the stress off you, whether you are on the road meeting with electorates, in your board room, shuttling through diplomatic corridors, meeting with other states men and women or fund raising for your campaign.

We work and walk with you to uplift you from where you are to where you want to be.