Diplomatic Representation Skills

In a globalized and networked world, cultural sensitivity in on the decrease in many global managers, executives and diplomats; Pinel provides the grooming the enables the required levels of cultural sensitivity.  We work with you to keep you updated in representative diplomacy, economic diplomacy, multi-track diplomacy, engagement diplomacy, cultural diplomacy, public diplomacy, shuttle diplomacy, board room diplomacy and citizen diplomacy. Pinel works and walks the diplomatic path you ensuring that you:

  • Develop the required cultural lenses to situations specific
  • Become diplomatically savvy
  • Transform your grooming to fit into your rising profile and the requisite diplomatic arena
  • Develop and maintain investable networks
  • Develop collaboration and consultative skills
  • Understand horse-trading negotiations

Pinel works and walks the diplomatic path with you to ensure that you do not standout, but blend in and remain outstanding.

We work and walk with you to uplift you from where you are to where you want to be.